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The holiday of Tun Pairam

Балаганова Анастасия Николаевна
3 курс, педагогическое отделение
Колледж педагогического образования, информатики и права
ХГУ им. Н.Ф. Катанова

“Tastes differ”. We can use this saying speaking about national traditions. The Khakas people had their own calendar and holidays. Traditions don’t transform automatically from one generation to another, it is necessary to support them or even rebirth. One of the national holidays in Khakasia is Tun Pairam. It is celebrated in June. The main idea of the holiday is to accustom young generation to national culture. I’d like to describe how pupils arrange it in Askiz region. It has been celebrated since 1997. It has got new contents in new conditions. It is also called the holiday of the first airan (a special non-alcoholic drink made of milk).The holiday is associated with successful cattle breeding. Participants wear national costumes: bright dresses with embroidery, shirts, beautiful headcarfs, pogho. It is a breast adornment on a dress in the form of a half moon. It is associated with Goddes Umay who blessed childbirth. On the appointed day pupils from villages gather on a special place. Usually there are many guests from different towns. Children take part in different contests and 11 Khakas competitions. Every school places its yurta and decorates it in a traditional style. The contest” Chailag” is the contest of hospitality. Children show national ceremonies such as “The day of а birth of a child”,”Giving a name to a child”, “The wedding“,”House-warming”. In future the organizers plan to organize work with skin, hunting, building. The next contest is “Aisillee”, pupils answer the questions about the Khakas epos, folklore, history, folk dance, sing songs. A very interesting part of the holiday is sport competitions: running, horse racing and traditional wrestling (kures), the lifting of a stone. This holiday is an important event in the life of pupils because it helps them to know each other better.


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