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Cultural Heritage - ancient Bulgar

Гайфуллина Диана Айратовна ученица 10а класса
МБОУ «СОШ№46» г. Казань
Учитель: Саттарова Ч.Р.

On the bank of the Volga , thirty miles below the mouth of the Kama is one of the great monuments of our cultural heritage - Bulgarian settlement - the capital of one of the earliest state associations in Eastern Europe. Bolgar was a political, economic and cultural center of the Volga-Kama Bulgar. There was a rate of Khan, minted coins, and developed crafts. Arising from the beginning of X century. Bulgarians, thanks to its convenient geographical position, is transformed into an international center of trade. Shopping suburb Bolgar Aga Bazaar frequented by merchants from Russia and Central Asia, Iran, Byzantium and distant China. Over time, the city of Bolgar was built and flourished, in the center rose the Khan's palace and the mosque. Scientists and poets lived there. The widespread literacy among the population shows the inscription on the fragments of pottery, for jewelry and in stone. Unlike other Bulgar cities that have lost their significance, Bolgar quickly recovered from the destruction and in the second half of the XIII - XIV centuries the first half reached its second peak.
Modern Bulgarians - a vast mound, surrounded by a rampart and ditch longer than five miles, where the monuments XIII - XIV centuries, such as the Great Mosque, the mausoleums of the North East and, Khan's Tomb, the small minaret, the Black Chamber, the White House, Khan's room and Numerous archaeological sites.


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