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My native town

Сахабутдинова Диляра Артуровна, 11 ю класс
Образовательное учреждение: МБОУ "Лицей №14"
г.Нижнекамска, Республики Татарстан
Учитель английского языка:
Нагуманова Нэлла Шукюровна
It Nizhnekamck is a city, you can be proud of. It is only 45, but it is an important industrial and cultural centre of Tatarstan Republic. It is also the most beautiful town in the Republic. Being are young time it managed to win the contest “Cultural capital of Volga Region”. Here every one has a favorite place to enjoy and to dream. So have l.
On a fine summer day l am going out and wondering along quiet streets to my favorite places where l can watch, think of a dream. I am walking along Khimikov Avenue, named after the most popular profession in Nizhnekamsk. I can see muity-storeyed houses, convenient bus-stop pavilions, shops supermarkets and cosy cafes. And certainly birch trees. Here is a into the busiest place in the town. It is a popular place with the town dwellers all year round. Here you can enjoy performances of a circus, that comes to Nizhnekamsk to entertain people and there parks with breath taking attractions. It’s an amazing place when many people can be meet.
I am crossing the street and see the Town Park. You will be impressed by beauty of green trees and birds singing in them. The bright sun is shining in the clear blue sky. You can’t stand to wondering about the park enjoying fresh air.
I think our town Nizhnekamsk is very interesting, because a lot of beautiful new houses and shops are built there every year. There are a lot of sights in my town. We can go for a walk with our parents or friends. In our town there are a lot of sports facilities. Children can go in for sports after school. There are also a lot of factories and enterprises where most people of our town work.


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