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Dubyonki, my homeland

Малкина Алина Вячеславовна,
учитель: Каргина Нина Дмитриевна.
Республика Мордовия, Дубенский район, с. Дубенки.
Дубенская средняя общеобразовательная школа.

Здравствуйте, я ученица 9Б класса Дубенской СОШ. Я очень люблю английский язык и поэтому решила отправить вам свою работу. Проверить свои знания.

Mordovia is a Great Republic. Our people have been known since ancient times. Mordva are people who live and work for the republic and the total population. The Republic has rich history, which is interesting to study. In our republic live many people of different nationalities. But our despite are differences we are all friendly and united.
In Mordovia all 7 cities, аlso on 22 districts.
The City Saransk is the capital of our republic. This is a very beautiful and the oldest city in the Middle Volga region. At first he was a fortress, but gradually grew into the city. It happened in 1651. Saransk is situated on the river Saranka. There are a lot of different attractions, such as: The Cathedral of the holy and righteous warrior Feodor Ushakov, the memorial complex with the monument to the soldiers of the republic of Mordovia, the fallen in the years of the Great Patriotic war of 1941-1945, the Mordovian republican museum of fine arts Erzya, monument of Polezhayev A.I. and many others. There are often many tourists.
I live in Dubenskiy area, in the village Dubenki. Our village was founded in 1928. It is located on the river Suksurma. Here is a very beautiful: a lot of forests, small rivers and clean air. The Heroes of the Soviet Union grew up here, for example: Manin and Denisov, Heroes of Socialist labour Klimkin, Surodeev and Kargin, doctor of philosophical sciences Ruzavin.
We have many sightseeing, for example: the complex of monuments to the Heroes, the monument to Lenin, the Glory Alley in the park, as well as the museum. Four streets bear the names of Heroes of the Soviet Union, the natives of the district: A. A.Denisova, A.A.Manin, N.M. Brovceva, M. S. Zhadeykina.
Now our village more improved with every year. Here construction of new objects, new houses, new shops. The young teachers come in the village. In my opinion it is good that I was born here and live in such a beautiful and great territory, as Mordovia!


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