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The monument of Yoshkin cat

Чайникова Анжелика Александровна
Высший колледж МарГТУ «Политехник»
студентка 3 курса специальности «Туризм»

I would like to tell about bronze Yoshkin cat which appeared in our city and became the most popular and beloved urban sculpture. The sculptural composition is a bench on which one can see the cat sitting stately, leg to leg. The monument is located near Mari State University. Usually, it is always crowded, both children and adults do not mind sitting near the ridiculous bronze cat. And everybody won’t fail to touch its nose or something else for good luck. They say that this custom was brought by law students, celebrating the diplomas. The sculpture was cast in Kazan for money of Moscow patron, who handed it as a gift to our city. The authors of the monument are Sergei Yandubaev, Anatoly Shirnin and Alex Shilov. It wasn’t easy for them to find the appropriate image. In the process Shilov made over a hundred photos of strayed cats. As a result, the neighbor's red cat became the prototype of Yoshkin cat. Now there is an idea to open a cafe "Yoshkin cat" and to patent its name as a tourist brand of the city.
"Yoshkin cat” in Slavic mythology is known as Cat Bayun, which was placed in a cradle next to small babies that they fall asleep faster, and the animal, in turn, guarded their sleep. In addition, very often a cat in the house represented the house-spirit – Guardian of hearth and comfort, which brings good news. Cat guards a house, its warmth and drives away evil spirits. In this sense, our Yoshkin cat can be considered as the saint patron of the city. Yoshkin cat has already become a legend, many people want to be photographed with it and for good luck to rub a prominent part of its body. For me it is a fun character that brought some excitement to our city. Perhaps the belief in miracles will do its thing and for someone our cat will really bring good luck.


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