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Хожаинова В.Н.
МОУДД «Импульс» г.Черноголовка

Prokhladny in the Kabardino-Balkar Republic grew out of the Cossack village of Cool, which arose in 1765 . About the name of the village there are several legends. One of them tells us that once Pavel Potemkin, the governor of the edge, visited these places. Driving along the dusty road that ran along the bank of the river Malka, he noticed a small settlement. It was summer. But the river smelled cool. The settlement, located near the river, all plunged in the thick foliage of herbs.It was surprisingly cool.
So impressed by the beauty around him, Potemkin supposedly gave this settlement the name of Prokhladny. My native town is famous by its great sons which were born here. One of them is Ostapenko Petr Maksimovich . He was a famous test pilot. The other famous person is Arseni G. Golovko. He was a Soviet naval commander and Admiral of the Northern and the Baltic Fleet .When I lived in Prokhladny , I attended a school named in honor of Golovko. I was lucky to meet some members of the family of the great Golovko . In 2006 I have been to St.Petersburg. There was the exposition in the Naval Museum of St. Petersburg had been devoted to Golovko.This exposition was provided by daughter-in-law of Golovko. She spoke with great pride about her relative. I am very happy that I am a country-fellow with such a great man. I wish everyone be proud of the place of your birth ,despite thousands of miles separating you!

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