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The Republic of Buryatia

Малахиров Булат
9А класс МБОУ Российская гимназия №59
Город Улан-Удэ, республика Бурятия
Учитель - Бугдашкина Елена Александровна

The Republic of Buryatia is one of the most picturesque regions of the Russian Federation. Buryatia is situated near unique Lake Baikal, known for its pure water, unforgettable landscapes, national preserves, national parks, recreational areas and resorts. The flora and fauna of Buryatia are rich and diverse. Only here you can watch the seal (Baikal nerpa), the only endemic mammal species, enjoy colorfulness of the wild rosemary, see the most precious sable and eat tasty omul.
Besides, our Republic is multinational and distinguished by its friendly people, their hospitability and open-heartedness. Here you can learn many interesting facts about original culture and traditions of Buryats, Old Believers and Evenks. So basic religion in Buryatia are Buddhism and Christianity. Ivolginsk datsan is a spiritual capital of Buddhist culture of Buryatia and Russia. But in the republic there is a considerable number of the Orthodox perishes.
The capital of Buryatia is Ulan-Ude, located in the valley of the Selenga river to the east of Lake Baikal. The history of Ulan-Ude traces back the 17-th century when Russian Cossacks founded winter quarters. Today Ulan-Ude is modern center of culture, tourism and trade. The emblem of Ulan-Ude represents the golden “Soyombo” (the symbol of eternal life), the rod of God Mercury and the horn of plenty which emphasize the importance of trade in the history of Ulan-Ude. The heart of the capital is Soviet Square. All tourists are greatly impressed by the huge size of the monument to V.I. Lenin located here. If you are a theatre-goer you will enjoy performances in the Opera and Ballet House. There are many museums, architectural and historic monuments, theatres and other exciting landmarks to see and visit.
Welcome to my Homeland, Buryatia!


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