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My Native City – Ufa

Бакирова Адель Азатовна, Князева Анастасия Дмитриевна
Ученицы 9А класса
МОУ Лицей №123 г.Уфа
Учитель: Ахмадиева И.И.

The city where I live and study now is Ufa. It is a large cultural, scientific and commercial industrialized centre of Bashkortostan. You may call Ufa the young city and you may not- the day of foundation refers to the year of 1574 when a fortress was erected to defend Bashkir people and their land from the devastating raids of the Siberian nomads.
You can also call Ufa the city of contracts. Take a look at the city architecture and you will understand what I mean. Banks, complexes are built in original and modern fashions: glass doors and walls, slanted and unusually shaped roofs, etc. The house of entertainment complex “Ogni-Ufy” looks attractive and somewhat pompous outside as well as inside. It houses a disco- concert complex “Coliseo” and 2 restaurants.
The fascinating mosque “La-La Tulpan” represents itself to be unique thanks to its construction design: bright-red pointed roofs with two minarets can be seen at a far distance.
Ufa has still been growing intensive: new edifices, apartment houses are being erected. Without mentioning theatres, museums, cinemas, multiplexes (e.g. “Mir”, “Megapolis”, “Iskra”, “Pobeda”, “Avrora”), sports and fitness centres.
Thus, the changes in the sphere of interests of people lead to the change of their way of life and culture perception. (It doesn’t mean of course, that people forget about their traditions.)


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