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The Village of Burla

Козлова Анжелика 5Б класс
МБОУ «Бурлинская средняя (полная) общеобразовательная школа»
Бурлинского района, Алтайского края
учитель английского языка: Швайко Людмила Александровна

My name is Anzhela. My sirname is Kozlova. I am a pupil in the fifth form. I am the best pupil in my class. I get fives and sometimes fours. My favourite subjects are Maths and English. I have a farther and grandparents.
I live in the village of Burla. It is in Altai krai. Burla is the centre of Burlinski region. It is in the north-western Siberia not far from the towns of Slavgorod and Yarovoe. It stands on the river of Burla. There is a large bridge over the river. The streets are long and green in the village. The houses are big and small, new and old. Burla has a railway station. Trains run through the village to the east and west of our big country.
There are lots of places to visit in my village: a museum, a library, my school, a stadium, a park, a market, a lot of shops and of course a hospital. The museum is the most interesting place. We often go there. There are many different things in the museum. My school is a new building. It is the most important place in the village. There is a stadium near my school. We have physical education lessons there.
On Fridays and Saturdays people like to go to the market. They buy fruits, vegetables and clothes there. There are a lot of shops. Some shops are new, some are old. On Sundays people walk in the park. Children ride their bikes and play hide and seek. I like my village.

  • A bridge
  • a railway station
  • Lenin Street
  • a library
  • a school
  • a hospital
  • a market
  • a centre of the village
  • a park


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