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The legend about two beautiful rivers of Altai

Красулина Ксения Андреевна,
ученица 6А класса,
МБОУ «СОШ №12 с УИОП»,
г.Бийска, Алтайского края

I’ve been living in Biysk since my childhood. I like my old provincial town. Especially I like it in summer, when it is possible to have trips to the majestic mountains, stretched along the beautiful rivers Biya and Katun. There is an interesting legend about their love.
Once upon a time there lived in one settlement of White Altai a poor boy Biy and a girl Katun, the daughter of a rich old man Babyrkhan. The young people fell in love with each other, but the vicious father didn’t want to give his daughter to the poor man. So the young lovers decided to escape. They waited for the night, broke into a run by different ways to make the father go astray and to meet in a faraway secret place. But Babyrkhan ran off in pursuit of them, caught the young people up and ordered the daughter to come back. As the girl got obstinate and didn’t want to leave the boy, Babyrkhan became angry and transformed Biy and Katun into the rivers. He thought they wouldn’t stay together. But the love was stronger than he had expected. The Biya and the Katun merged together, and further the great river Ob began to flow. When the malicious khan saw this miracle, he turned into a mountain from his own powerlessness. And now on the border of Altai there is the lonely mountain, and in the full moon the angry Babyrkhan’s face appears in a stone rock, looking maliciously at the rebellious daughter Katun.
Certainly, there are a lot of different legends about such beautiful places of Altay. The region should be visited because it has wonderful landscapes of mountains, rivers and lakes full of woods, animals, birds.


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