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Verkhniy Pereval

Кузнецова Виолетта Вячеславовна, 10 класс;
Пинюгина Валерия Владимировна, 9 класс;
учитель английского языка Мамаева Евгения Владимировна

We would like to tell you about our native place, the tiny settlement called Verkhniy Pereval. It is located in the Far East of Russia in Primorskiy region, near the Chinese border. The village is surrounded by thick forests full of wild deer and hogs. One of the most famous and rare animals– tiger – lives in our forest.Our village has a rather rich history. More than one hundred years ago the famous explorer and traveler V.K.Arsenyev visited V.Pereval and wrote about it in his book “Dersu Uzala”. There were 8 huts and 70 chinese people living in them. Now the multinational population of the village is about 2 000 people. They are Russian, Ukraine, Nanay and others. Most of the local men work at the timber company, women work at hospital, at school, corner shops, kindergarten, post office and so on. The people are very friendly, helpful and sociable here. They are very hardworking: most of them grow vegetables, fruit and berries in gardens; they have domestic animals and birds. A lot of women here like singing very much that’s why we have a choir. These nice and talented singers give concerts of folk and modern songs in a local club. There is a secondary comprehensive school in the center of the village. It was founded in 1939, before the World War II. We are proud of its history and ex-students. Another interesting place of the village is a monument to soldiers-liberators. Every year in May, the 9th we have a meeting in their honor. All people of our settlement like to visit the Museum of Nature that was founded by a naturalist and Biology teacher B.K.Shibnev. The nature is very beautiful here, there are wild forests, a lot of hills, lakes and two unique rives – Bikin and Alchan that still have fresh and clean waters, full of fish. Come and see everything with your own eyes.


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