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Zolotaya Dolina

Цветкова Екатерина, ученица 11 класса
Проявко Людмила Борисовна, учитель английского языка
МКОУ СОШ села Золотая Долина
Партизанского района Приморского края

I believe every corner of my great country has its own unique history. And of course, my place is one of the most interesting and wonderful places in Russia.
I live in a village with the beautiful name «Zolotaya Dolina» in Primorsky krai. You may think that gold is mined in my place, but « not all gold that glitters». My village is located in the heart of the marvelous valley which was called the golden valley because of its unique, various nature and mild climate. Thanks to these favourable conditions my place is rich in forests, gardens, generous fields and upiaries. Besides my village is surrounded by majestic mountains which are the nature monuments. Almost all of them have mysterious and legendary history. The ridge of ancient reefs called Еkaterinovsky is very old, aged 220-250 million years. The remains of pristime people were found there. Mountain Brother and Sister are wonderful creations of nature similar to the Egyptian pyramids. They are favorite places of residents. A beautiful view on the Sea of Japan is opened from the top of mountain Sister.
Legend says that in earlier times people from many places of my country and even from China came to the foot of mountain Sister and asked gods to help them in their troubles. And their wishes became true. Mountain Brother closes Golden Valley of fogs and cold sea winds making the climate marvelous. Locals often call the valley a place of mystery and magic. Visiting it you won`t be able to forget it.
I love my village very much.


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