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Murmansk region. The Reserves

Люсина Ирина Александровна
МБОУ прогимназия №61 г. Мурманск.
Учитель английского языка I категории.

Murmansk region is a land with its unique flora, fauna and climate. Low lying valleys, mountains, mountains heaths and vast sweeps of spruce and pine forest, lakes, deltas, mires, rivers and foaming streams attract a lot. There is no doubt that our amazing virgin nature needs to be protected from the man’s destroying harmful influence.
That’s why in 1930 the Lapland Nature Reserve was established. It’s situated beyond the Arctic Circle to the northwest of Lake Imandra. There are many different habitats for you to enjoy: Scots Pines, Siberian Spruces, Silver and White Birches. The residents of the reserve include brown bears, elks, wolverines, beavers, the Arctic Foxes, least weasels, reindeer, willow grouses, ptarmigans and the others. Among animals, the wild reindeer and the beaver has been the main subject to studies and protection. The distinctive feature of the Lapland Nature Reserve is in its untouched wilderness. No one indigenous people have never lived here.
The Pasvik River flows from the largest lake in Finnish Lapland, Lake Inari, and extends to the Barents Sea on the border of Norway and Russia. This valley is rich in variety of plants and animals, especially birds. Several protected areas in the three neighboring countries (Finland, Norway and Russia) have been established to preserve these great wilderness areas. The Russian part of the park (Pasvik Reserve) was established in 1992. The main objectives of the cooperation between these countries are protection of the nature and preservation of the cultural values of the areas.
If you visit Murmansk region, you are going to fall in love with this place.


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