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The historical sights of Kolomna

Our names are Sofia Romanenko and Alina Safonova.
We are pupils of a comprehensive school № 15, class 7 “V”.
Elena Vyacheslavovna Limanova is our English teacher.
The most interesting streets and places of Kolomna have their own history. Some of them are connected with the professions of people or with somebody`s name.
From the pier up to the town there is Vodovozny lane. In 1902 a water-main tower was built there according to the project of a talented architect Vladimir Shunov. The money was given by the famous town merchant Maria Shevlyagina. Earlier people took water from the dirty Moskva river. Now Kolomna has pure artesian water.
Oleny Vrashek street reminds of the times when Kolomna was surrounded by dense forests. There is a legend about the wooden church there. After capturing Kolomna in 1238 Khan Bator`s riders were looking for values. The citizens gathered in the church and prayed to save them. The God heard them and hid the church with people under the earth. When Bator Khan knew that story he sent his soldiers to check it. To their horror they found the bodies of their killed soldiers and the bells’ ringing came from the earth.
“Small Saucer” was situated in the Kremlin on the high Moskva riverside. But later its bed moved two thousand metres to the south and a cape appeared. It was covered with soft grass with a small half visible hollow in the centre. That hollow resembled a saucer. People come here to admire the scenery, and they don`t know that many centuries ago Kolomna began just from that place.
Kolomna is nice and pleasant to our heart and eyes with its towers, the Kremlin, churches and streets.

  • The Alley of memory in Kolomna
  • The Kolomenka river
  • The monument of  Dm. Donskoy
  • Old Kolomna
  • Trams in Kolomna
  • Kolomna at night


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