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Zheleznodoroznyi is my native town

Маркова Вероника Игоревна,
ученица 4 «В» класса ГОУ СОШ №2036, Москва
Учитель английского языка
Москвина Марина Павловна.

Russia is a very large and great country. There are many old towns with interesting history. But my favorite is the town of Zheleznodoroznyi which is not far from Moscow.
Zheleznodoroznyi consists of several ancient settlements with a rich history. The rapid development of the new settlements began in the second half of the 19th century. It is related to the building of the railway Moscow - Nizhnii Novgorod, Kuchin brickworks and Savin manufactory (textile mill) which still exist. A railway station and a settlement got an unusual name Obiralovka. At those times a dense forest was there. Highwaymen hid in it and robbed rich people passing by. The name of the forest and the settlement Obiralovka continued until to the year 1939.
It is interesting to know that the main character of the novel «Anna Karenina» by Leo Tolstoy threw herself under the platform of Obiralovka. Nowadays Zheleznodoroznyi is a modern town. There is a library, a local history museum, three stadiums and swimming-pools, tennis courts, a football pitch and an ice-rink, shopping and recreational centers in the town.
Although, it is still full of greenery. There are a lot of comfortable parks and squares there. There is a boulevard of flowers with a fountain, beautiful flowerbeds and a playground there. Town dwellers call this place «Arbat». The streets of the town are decorated with intricate flowerbeds. They look wonderful in summer when the flowers blossom!
The town is surrounded by a forest tract where you can walk and feed wild squirrels, as well. There are also some pools where you can swim. I love this town because it is my native town and I have got a lot of friends there. I feel really happy when I am in Zheleznodorozhnyi and I like coming back there again and again.


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