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Egorievsk, the history of the city

Голубева Юлия Олеговна ученица 10 А класса
Куликова Виктория Олеговна ученица 10 А класса
Учитель английского языка : Филитова Галина Михайловна
МОУ СОШ №15 г. Егорьевска

We want to tell about our native town Egorievsk. It is to the south-east of Moscow. It is 237 years old. The town of Egorievsk was founded on a place of an ancient village. The name of the village was Vysokoe. It was situated on the cross of the borders of three states-Vladimir, Ryazan and Moscow. In 1563 Ivan the Terrible granted Vysokoe the Chudov monastery in Moscow. Peter the Great took away this village from the monastery. In 1778 it was transformed to a district city of the Ryazan province. The name of town (Egorievsk) was received in honor of the saint George. Now the population of Egorievsk is about 70,000 people. Egorievsk is on the River Guslitsa. It is a small industrial town. There are a lot of small plants, factories and some foreign enterprises in Egorievsk: “Kronoshpan”, “Bella”, and “Chibo”. A lot of people work there. Egorievsk is famous for its historical museum. Our museum is one hundred years old this year. It is one of the best museums in Moscow region. A lot of interesting exhibitions of our artists very often take place in it. There is an exhibition of Lev Mikhalev now. He likes to paint the nature of our region: its fields, rivers, lakes, forests.
Our town is very green. There are two parks, a lot of flowerbeds, and two fountains in it. There are some monuments in Egorievsk: the monument to the first Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin, the monument to an unknown soldier, the monument to the crashed pilots and others. Our town is famous for its old churches: Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Troitskaya Church, Kazanskaya Church, “Bely Uspensky Sobor” and “Georgievskaya Church”.
We love our ancient, beautiful and hospitable town and for us it is the best place in the world.


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