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The museum of Battle glory

Петрова Виктория Андреевна 9а класс
ГБОУ СОШ №323 г. Москвы
Учитель Алфёрова Е.И.

The Museum of Battle Glory was opened in 2011 at Secondary School № 323 in Moscow. It is a historical museum. It contains 4 stands and 6 show cases where original things: letters, photos and other materials can be seen. More than 100 exhibits tell about the history of the Great Patriotic War in 1941-1945. The foundation of the Museum was laid by the material collected by Inessa Alekseevna Mamkaeva and search group in the fields of battles. The veterans presented it with old photos, newspapers, things which display the rich historical past of the war. Several stands reveal history of exploit of Panfilovtsev and the Battle for Moscow. The Museum of Battle Glory is one of the centers of patriotic education of young generation at our school.
The following excursions are developed and held in the museum: “ The Battle of Moscow ,home and abroad the country during the Great Patriotic war”, “Military units and divisions “. During excursions you can learn about the war, meetings of students with the veterans . The museum’s funds are annually replenished with new exhibits.
Our pupils organized a group which was called «Scarlet stars» .It works nowadays .There is a flag which has red back ground and the monument to the Unknown Soldier. The group symbol represents the weapon that means that we are ready to defend our country and the flag is a symbol of independence. We participate in patriotic activities, visit meetings with veterans. I am very proud of our museum.


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