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A. Grin's embankment

Широкова Екатерина Юрьевна
ученица 11А класса МОАУ СОШ с УИОП №30 г. Кирова
учитель Барбарина Татьяна Владимировна

Hello, I want to tell you about my remarkable city of Kirov and about its beauty! The city of Kirov is a historical, cultural, industrial and scientific center of Kirov region. It has lots of attractions. There are many unusual, beautiful places in Kirov: such as park named after S. M. Kirov, a museum-Diorama, a museum named after artists Vasnetsovs, the Memorial and the Theater square. But I'd like to tell you about Grin's embankment and about its surroundings! A. Grin is a famous Russian writer. He was born in Kirov (former Vyatka). He wrote many books, among them the most famous was "Scarlet Sails". We are proud of him and his works!
There is also a monument to A. Grin on this embankment. Kirov is divided into two parts by the river Vyatka – into the town and Zarechnaya part. If you look at out city from the city bridge you will see the beautiful sights of Grin's embankment, which is surrounded by interesting cultural and historical buildings. Among them is Triphon Monastery. It's an old church. As legend says there are many underground ways and there was even a lake! Not far away from this monastery there is Preobrazhensky Monastery. It's a beautiful old church, too. If you walk along the embankment you will soon be in Alexandrovsky garden. This is a place where people like to spend their free time enjoying its splendid nature and watching the river Vyatka. But the most impressive sight of Grin embankment is the Eternal Fire. There is also a monument to those who died during the Second World War. And the Fire always burns!
It goes without saying that there are many beautiful places to visit in our town, which are worth seeing and visiting. Welcome to our old Russian city and I'm sure, you will enjoy your visit!
Thank you for your attention.


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