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Legendary lakes in Kirov region

Абдурахманов Роман Равшанович
МОАУ СОШ №30, г. Кирова
Ученик 10 А класса,
Учитель английского языка
Барбарина Татьяна Владимировна

Kirov region has lots of attractive places like these.
The Lezhninskoye Lake is located in the Pizhanka area and looks strange and resembles a shell-hole. This is the deepest basin in Kirov region – its depth is 36.6 meters. Water in the lake is clear. You can see the lake bottom at the depth of several meters. Pikes and roaches, as well as crayfish are found in the lake. The legend tells that the lake appeared about 400 years ago at the site of villages Lezhnino and Mokretsy that dipped below the surface in the presence of local residents and the village buildings and a chapel are now at the bottom of the lake. Maybe, that is why tourists are fond of diving into the Lezhninskoye Lake so much.
The Shaitan Lake located 39 kilometers from the town of Urzhum. The Shaitan is a karst lake. Its depth is 12 meters. The lake is fed by groundwater and atmospheric precipitates. Small islands drifting on the lake with bushes and small trees growing on them are a unique phenomenon. Some of these islands can support a man. Blowouts of water columns are one more peculiar feature of the Shaitan Lake. Water columns can be of different height. Blowouts are irregular and impetuous. Local residents claim that blowouts sometimes occur in winter, leaving protruding ice-floes. The Shaitan Lake is named so, because according to the legend, there was a battle and after it there was a flow of women's tears, mixed with a huge puddle of blood filled the earthen bowl, trampled on the battlefield. So the lake was formed. The water is black seems like darkened blood, and if you take it in your hand – it will be pure as a tear.
The Lezhninskoye Lake, the Shaitan Lake


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