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National color of Terent'evsk

My name is Brui Polina. (Бруй Полина).
I am in the 8th form.
Мой преподаватель Михайленко Галина Ивановна,
учитель иностранного языка
МБОУ «Терентьевская средняя общеобразовательная школа»
Кемеровская область Прокопьевский район с. Терентьевское

I asked my father: In our village live. Different people with their faith, their culture, their own language. Why do they live in our place? That is why – answered he – if one nationality is in trouble, another will rise to the defense of it. That is why, if one nationality sings a song, another will take up the song…
The national property which makes us proud-is our people: hard working miners, outstanding doctors, talented teachers. In our village live people of different nationalities and they keep their identity and their own language. Each nation has its own style of food and cooking and it doesn’t want to have a common international flavor. It wants to keep its customs, traditions and holidays. We all are different but the common is the spirit of peace that links us up. It’s a wonderful thing.
The main nationality is Russian. Russian nature, spirit, Russian language, Russian frost and Russian cookery come together in every person of our land. I can’t imagine my life in another country. East or West, home is best. German families Demskii, Vagner, Frizler, Lind… They came here from Omsk, Povolzhsk, Volinsk. They speak German but their language is different. German is too exacting to himself and to other people, hardworking and clean. Chechen. They are Mussulman. Uraza- Bairam is their main holiday.
The main detail of Chechen costume is a beautiful silver belt. It is made by hand and it is considered the family treasure. Uzbek….If a girl got married she should wear kerchief, mustn’t talk with men. During a meal women are in the kitchen and men in the room.
As for me, I am a student of the eighth form. Uzbek, Chechen, Azerbaijanien girls and boys study in our class. We show interest and respect to their faith, to their cultural traditions. We understand that each language has its unique face.


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