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There are two interesting places in Ekaterinburg: the Ekaterinburg State Circus and Ekaterinburg Zoo

Басаргина Анастасия Сергеевна
Гимназия №70
Мне 11 лет. Я учусь в 5А классе.

At first, a few words about our circus. It is situated on the bank of the Iset River in the centre of the city. It was opened on the first of February in 1980. The construction of the building is thought to be one of the circuses in Europe. The fact is the building carries on unusually large big top that is transparent and seen from afar. The top is constructed for staging all tricks and programs of any complexity. In the circus there are 2558 seats. Since 1980 20 million spectators have visited it. The circus is named in hour of Valentine Philatov, a talented trainer. On the rink of our circus different concerts, musical festivals are also held.
I think the Ekaterinburg Circus is one of the best Russian circuses. Ekaterinburg Zoo was founded on the tenth of May in 1930. It is more than 80 years old. In its collection there were only 60 animals. Nowadays in the Zoo there are more 380 species, 1400 individuals. 40 species of its animals are included in the International Red Book and Red Book of Russia. On the territory there are five buildings for animals, birds and reptiles. There is one building for an elephant, called Dasha. Outdoors there are a lot of cages for animals from cold countries.
In the Zoo there is an educational centre and junior natural history study group. I like visiting both these places because there I can see a lot of different animals, learn interesting facts or just have a good time with my family or friends.


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