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Saint Trinity Cathedral

Магадеева Лейсан
ученица 5в класса
гимназии №70 г. Екатеринбург

Saint Trinity cathedral is a beautiful church with golden domes in the centre of Ekaterinburg. It has a long history. Saint Trinity cathedral was founded in 1818 as a stone three-altar church in the classical style . Originally the building was designed for an oratory of old-believers, but the authorities didn' t let build it. The church didn't operate until 1838 . In 1838 the merchant Ryazanov gave money to this building .The north side altar appeared in 1839 and the south side altar appeared in 1849 . 30 months later , on the 13 of May 1852 , the main church in honour of Saint Trinity was sanctified. In 1854 a stone bell tower was built in the church. After the revolution in 1920 five poods of silver and the honoured icon setting of Kazan' s Mother of God decorated with 132 diamonds were taken out of the church . But people could see the parts of relics of four saints here . Then the church dome and the bell tower were pulled down ,the inside was replanned .For years it was a cinema ,a weaving factory , a culture centre. In 1996 the church was passed to the bishopric. The wide – scale restoration work in 1998 –1999 resulted in new dome drums and in a new bell tower. Patriarch Alekcij 2 carried out the ceremonial sanctifying on the 24 of September 2000 .Since that time a lot of people has come to Saint Trinity cathedral to pray.


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