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Monuments to P.P. Bajov in Ekaterinburg

Nikorkin Arseniy
School №70 5b form
English teacher: Kulakova L.V.

Our city was founded in 1723 by Tatishev. At first this place was unknown and little. But soon it became the main centre of industry and trade in the Urals. A lot of interesting and famous people lived in our city: engineers, scientists, writers and painters, doctors and politics. The famous writer Pavel Petrovich Bajov lived learned and worked in our Ural city. He was born next to Ekaterinburg in 1879. In 1899 he graduated the spiritual gymnasium. Then he worked as a teacher of Russian language in Ekaterinburg. The writer lived in a small wooden house on Chapaeva 11 Street since 1906 till the end of life. He wrote there his wonderful tales and other stories. Nowadays there is a memorial museum named by his name. Our class has visited this museum and learned about the writer's life with a great interest. I like Bajov's tales very much, such as "The Malachite casket", "The Mistress of the Copper Mountain", "The Eagle Feather", "Tales from the Urals" and "The Silver Hoof".
There is a monument of Bajov in the centre of our city. Another monument is situated on his grave. The writer is represented there sitting on the rock. There is also a street named by the name of Bajov in our city. It is one of the longest streets in Ekaterinburg. The first name of the street was Nikolskaya; the second name was Observatorskaya Street. And then, after the writer's death, the street was named Bajova Street. On the 25th of December in 1979 a memorial desk was established in the end of that street. Such an interesting and wonderful person lived in our city! Bajov died in 1950, in Moscow, but he was buried in Ekaterinburg.


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