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A village Zhelobovo

Тимохина Екатерина Алексеевна
ГБОУ СОШ № 1924, г.Москва
Ученица 7Б класса.
Учитель Ловкова Янина Сергеевна

I want to tell you about my favourite place in Russia. This is a village Zhelobovo. When I was a little girl, my parents took me there every summer for three months. I had not friends in this village. That time I missed. But my grandmother said: « This place is not only an area. When you miss, you can go for a walk, walk across the meadow, enjoy the nature».
I spent my time with my friend Olga. She was more than 30 and she had her child Tasya. I just wanted to do much further than I did because I was allowed by my grandmother to go all time alone. Olga showed the way to the river. When we arrived, the river was out of sight. I saw a little ravine and only then I saw the bottom of the river. When we went down I found the sand. It was light yellow. But there was not much sand. On the left side of the river I saw birches. They were high and strong. I came up to the water. The water was cold. I and my friends had fun: took pictures, looked at the clouds and enjoyed.
Since that time we travelled all over the country. Olga showed the neighborhood. Every day we were in different places. I rested a lot here but did not notice many things. I did not want to leave the country. I wanted to stay here till the end of summer. I asked my parents for it and they agreed. But one day Olga did not go with me. I thought where I had to go. I believed that I was not at the meadow it was infinite. I slowly avoided it. It was very beautiful. I laid on the meadow and forgot about the time. When my grandmother phoned me and told me to go home I was very upset. My grandmother taught me to enjoy every dewdrop and insect. It seemed to me unusual. I could go to the same place every day. I knew I would never be disappointed. Since that I liked my village very much. I wanted the following day to come.


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