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School № 14 «Spring noise»

Филюрина Яна Юрьевна
ученица 10 в класса
Лопатина Екатерина Андреевна
ученица 11а класса
Учитель: Cвиридова Юлия Владимировна
МБОУ СОШ № 14 «Зелёный шум»
г. Волжский, Волгоградская обл.

The school № 14 is an amazing place for teenagers. Everybody can combine their leisure and studies. There are a lot of deferent activities which do our school life more interesting and rich. Our pupils are very friendly and responsable. Also there are many wonderful teachers who help us every time. Our school was built in 1963. School № 14 «Spring noise» of Volzhski is created by association of school № 14 and «Spring noise» in November, 3rd, 2003.By the moment of association school № 14 had been 40 years, it was one of the oldest schools of the town. The school «Spring noise» has already been existed 11 years before merge .The school has two buildings that are located nearly from each other. The school works in two shifts from 8 a.m. till 7p.m. There are sports sections, additional educational services, groups of the prolonged day work which conduct in the second change in the basic building. There is a classroom of self-education that it has 15 computers and a mobile computer class; all computers have Internet connection in our school. The school library has more 7 thousands books. There is a big dining room. Our school takes part in many town competitions. Therefore it was given some grants. For example the first grant was given in 1994 from the fund "Eurasia" for further development. In 2001 – the second grant from the Russian Institute was given for the first place in the competition «A school and a family - collaboration». The third grant was giving in 2003 for the first place in the competition «A tolerance school». Also four our teachers deserved grants of the President of Russia. Our school №14 «Spring noise» is one of the best schools of town. Our school-leavers become purposeful, enter in prestigious HIGH SCHOOLS and find good jobs.


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