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The Volga

Ильинская Мария, 6 «А» класс
город Волгоград МОУ СОШ №102
Учитель: Макарова Юлия Александровна

Every nation has its main river, determined not by its length and depth but by the part it has played in the fate of the nation. The main river in Russia is the Volga. Scientists think that the word “Volga” means “bright”, ‘holy”. The Volga is a sacred river for people living in Russia. Writers, poets and artists praised it. There are a lot of songs and legends about this great river. A famous Russian poet Nekrasov once called the Volga “My cradle”. For Russia the Volga is more than a river. It is a symbol, an image of the country. It is in our hearts and joins people of our country.
Like a blue ribbon flows the Volga through forests, plains and meadows. It’s a mighty river and in spring when its waters rise in boundless flood the river can be dangerous.
When is the Volga the most beautiful? I really do not know. I love this river since my early childhood. I believe it is wonderful in any season! In summer it’s nice to spend a hot day by the river watching sea-gulls over the waves. In winter the banks are covered with snow and naked trees seem to be lifeless. In spring trees and flowers are in blossom and nature is recovering from winter sleep. In autumn its waters are cold and leaden in the daylight. The Volga is changeable. It can be quiet and peaceful, stormy and unpredictable. The Volga has always been a great attraction to tourists. Travelling on the Volga is nice in any time of the year. The views of the river banks, beautiful sunsets and sunrises are worth seeing.
Welcome to the Volga!


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