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Volgograd. Krasnooktyabrsky district.

Яшина Валерия
г.Волгоград, МОУ СОШ №32, 5 «А» класс
учитель английского языка:
Лагузина Ирина Валерьевна

During more than 400 years Tzaryzin – Stalingrad – Volgograd has played an important role in the history of Russia. In our native Krasnooktyabrsky district we have many memorable places dedicated to the feats of the heroes of Stalingrad Battle.
The Monument to Mikhail Panikaha is located here. The text on the monument briefly tells us about the feat: "Here on October 2, 1942, the sailor Mikhail Panikaha in flames from a broken bottle with flammable liquid, rushed to the Nazi tank and the second bottle set it on fire. He was awarded to the order of the Patriotic War of the first degree". The inhabitants of our city remember that history and bring flowers to the monument.
The monument to the defenders of the red Tsaritsyn is located on the Metallurgists square, the Central square of Krasnooktyabrsky district. The monument is dedicated to the heroes of the civil war, including workers of Tsaritsyn enterprises who took an active part in the defense of Tsaritsyn in 1918 - 1919.
Above Lenin's street, there is a Gagarin`s park, one of the oldest parks of the town. It was established before the war and there was opened the Palace of culture. During Stalingrad Battle there were cruel fights. In 1961 the park was named after Yuri Gagarin. In the center of the park there is a mass grave. It has a memorial text: "Here lie buried soldiers of the 62nd and 65th armies, having died a heroic death in the days of the great battle of Stalingrad 1942-1943". I walk in this park very often and visit there an English club “Globus” twice a week.


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