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Secrets stories of the ancient town

Чиграй Маргарита Юрьевна, 10 класс,
МБОУ СОШ №1 г.Трубчевск Брянской обл.,
Учитель английского языка: Фомичева В.Н.

It’s impossible to imagine a town or a city without its own mysterious stories or legends. There are a lot of traditions (поверий) in my ancient town of Trubchevsk, whose history is written by centuries (my town is 1037 already). And I’ll tell you about it. In the park, near the spring under the Troitsky Cathedral, there is rather an interesting cave. Venerable Nil lived there at the beginning of the XVI century. He had lived secretly, until local fishermen found him. They bothered him, and he decided to leave this place. He came up to the bank of the river, where there was a cross-shaped stone, and voiced, his oracular words: «You will be neither satisfied nor hungry, neither poor nor rich!» Stepped on the stone, and it carried him up-stream. This prediction is considered to become true. There are few towns in our country, existing for centuries but neither developing nor getting depleted. Since that time there is a belief about the curative water of this spring. But this spring is not the only mystery of our town.
For centuries the story of the origin and disappearing of the orthodox icon of Trubchevsk Madonna had been hiding. Only in 1990s her holly face was discovered in one of the museums of Penza. But the most interesting thing is that catholic signs were discovered on the orthodox icon, too. The icon is supposed to be in Europe now. Would you like to know one more mystery?
A beneficiary served at Iliinskaya church. He was a healer and had a foresight. After his death, he was buried near the church. Nowadays a lot of citizens of Trubchevsk come to his tomb in their difficult situations to ask him for help. They say, he helps. Well, is it interesting? There you are! You are welcome to our sweet town and feel the treasure of our traditions!


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