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Magnitogorsk, my small Motherland

Степаненко Дарья, ученица 10В класса
Лубышева Зоя Алексеевна,
учитель английского языка
МАОУ "Многопрофильный лицей № 1",
Магнитогорск, Челябинская область

Do you know where the border between Asia and Europe is? It is in Magnitogorsk! The river Ural divides our town into two parts. So, many residents live in Europe but work in Asia where our giant metallurgical complex is. The building of Magnitogorsk is connected withlegendary Magnitnaya Mountain. It is said to have prevented our people from Khan Batyi’sachersdragging up their arrows with iron points. The ore deposits were discovered in the 18 th century that‘s why the cossack fortress called Magnitnaya was built in 1743.
The official date of birth of the town is 30 June 1929 when the first train with 35 builders arrived at our railway station. Now the monument ‘’Locomotive’’ meets our guestshere.The first iron was produced in 1932 but steel and rolling was made in 1933.‘’The First Tent’’ is the main symbol of Magnitogorsk. An interesting detail is a hand holding a fragment of ore.Our metallurgical complex played a very important role during World War II. Every second tank and every third shell was produced from our metal. The monument ‘’The Rear to the Front’’was set in 1979.
In recent years the town has changedgreatly. Themetallurgical complex has become a joint – stock company. The recreational area is developing byBannoe Lake. The mountain skeeingcentre has been built in Abzakovo, the area compared with Switzerland.Despite the fact thatMagnitogorsk is not too big, its citizens can live quite an exciting cultural life. There are two universities, three theatres, the art gallery, museums, two music halls and skating sport centres. The Day of our Town is extremely popular with the citizens. Our people gather in the town centre having a lot of fun and relaxing by the music fountain. Would you like to join us?


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