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Steading Puhlyakovskiy

Anna Shevchuk
Form 11
Az Buki Vedi
The teacher Pleshakova Marina Alekseevna

My name is Ann Shevchuk and I live in Rostov-on-Don. It’s my first year here as I moved to Rostov from Belorussia this summer. I really like this city, this region and the school I study at. I want to tell you about one picturesque place on the Don. I hope you’ll like it.

Steading Puhlyakovskiy is situated on the bank of the Don, in the Rostov Region. Its first name was Sobachinskiy. Founded in 1780, it has ancient wine-growing traditions. In 1814 Ataman Platov himself started here a “Model Wine Cellar”, where the Cossacks studied wisdom of wine-making. Their teachers were skillful German wine-growers. In 1905 A School of Wine-growing and Wine-making was opened and the steading got its present name in honour of the Cossack I.Puhlyakov. It is believed that it was he who brought here rods of vine coming back from Balkanns trip. It later gave birth to Puhlyakovskiy White Grape which has become the pride of the Don Region.
For more than 50 years a well known writer Alexander Kalinin has been living and working in the steading. It was here that here created his famous novels, stories, poems including “Gipsy‘, “In the south”, etc., a lot of scenes to the film about Budulai have been shot. The picture gallery of this steading hosts paintings by I.I.Krylov, E.A.Lanser, N.V.Ovechkin and many other painters. Stanitsa Pasdorskaya, steadings Puhlyakovskiy and Kanygin still preserve a unique church of 1879, complexes of buildings dated by 19-early 20th centuries. They are kurens, outbuildings and trade Cossacks houses.
The visitors of the Museum admire colourful programmes, which take you back to the past. Here you can listen to Cossack songs, take part in various excursions and be a participant of reconstructions of that period. You can definitely choose something to your taste. In January, during Maslenitsa week and summer Trinity you can taste some traditional dishes of the local cuisine and participate in some ancient rites of these festive events. In summer you can go down the river in Cossack boats. It’ll certainly be the brightest event of your trip.

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