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Divnogorye - is a museum under the open sky

Акиньшина О.А.
НОУ «Интерлингва»

Divnogorye-is a museum under the open sky that represents the complex of various archeological and architectural monuments.The Chalk poles-divas are unique with astonishing nature.There were lots of churches on the territory of Divnogorye. For many years churches were empty and used as caves. The seas have come and gone for many years.The surface was covered with a thick ice layer of the river Don, which left behind different landscapes.Here the Chalk poles -divas plough into the blue sky. They remind fairy animals.Many centuries ago a man, who was astonished by the beauty of the chalk poles,called the “marvelous mountains”-“Divnogorye”.
The Russian geographer S.-Tan-Shansky suggested to create a nature reserve that will resemble American national parks.In 1991 there was organized a nature-museum, where a lot of rare insects were found.Divnogorye is located in the historical area, where you can find archeological monuments.The most important among them is “Mayckoe gorodische”-a complex of different cultures.It has become popular due to the Soviet excavations and the international expedition.
Belgorosky Voskresensky Monastery has a large and complex system of caves.The most interesting are “Bolshaya and Malaya colored rooms” decorated with red carved rosettes.In 1997 Svyato-Uspensky Divnogorsky Holy St.Catherine monastery,was fully restored. From the middle of 17 century the appearance of the monastery has changed.Using the natural beauty of the chalk slopes, the monarchs dug the cave Church. Divnogorye is the place that takes your breath away,touches your soul and heart strings. Besides, there you can see the best performances of “Opera and Ballet House” troops in the open air, which attract tourists from all over the world every year.

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