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Srednii Bugalysh

Петухова Надежда Николаевна
МКОУ Бугалышская СОШ

Я - учитель английского языка. Работаю в обычной сельской школе. Мой педагогический стаж – 8 лет. Из них все 8 лет работаю в данной школе.

Bugalysh is a big village that is situated about forty kilometers from Krasnoufimsk. The village stands on the small river Bugalyshka, where are a lot of different kinds of fish. It is located among forests and mountains and it is very wonderful. There are a lot of animals, mushrooms and berries in the forests. The village was founded in 1438 by the Tartar Boygalysh and his son. Before the twentieth century Bugalysh was one of the main trading centers of Ural. The trading roads passed through the village to Bashkiriya and the Siberia. The population is about one thousand people and it includes the Russians, the Tartars, and the Maries. People are friendly to each other. Many of them have cattle: pigs, cows, sheep and horses. Everyone have landownerships and grows up potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables. There are a lot of shops, a hospital, a school and a nursery school, a post office, a bank, a café a farm and a petrol pump. In the center of Bugalysh there is a nice park.
I live in this village not very long but I love it. I like to walk in the park or stand on the bridge and look at the geese that swim in the river. I like its sunrises and sunsets, the shouts of the cockerels in the morning. I think it is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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