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The Khoper river

Река Хопер (г. Балашов, Саратовская область)
Петренко Евгений,
ученик 11 «В» класса МОУ гимназии №1 г. Балашова
Учитель Краснова Елена Геннадьевна

Hello, I’m Evgeniy Petrenko. I’m a student of the 11th grade of Gymnasium №1 in Balashov. I live in a small town called Balashov. It is situated on the banks of one of the most beautiful rivers in Russia. This river is the Khoper. The Khoper begins in Penza region and flows into the Don. The Khoper is 980 km long. It goes through Penza, Saratov, Volgograd and Voronezh regions. There is an interesting legend about the name of the river. Once upon a time there lived an old man Hopper by name. One day he was walking in the steppe and saw 12 springs. The old man took a shovel and connected all these springs into one stream. Then he built a watermill on the bank of the stream. Later the river was named after him, the Khoper.
The Khoper was said to be the cleanest river in Europe. On the banks of the river there are forests with lots of animals and birds. Khoper Nature Preserve is situated not far from Borisoglebsk. Beavers, wisents and Russian Desman are under protection there. The life of my family is closely connected with the Khoper. My grandfather is a geography teacher, many years ago he organized Tourists Club at our Gymnasium since then he has been the leader of the Club. So my mother, my aunt, my cousins and I are the members of the Club. Every year we go canoeing along the river, we don’t only enjoy the beautiful nature but try to learn more about our river. It’s a pity but recently the banks and the water of the river have been polluted. Every autumn the students of our Gymnasium go to the river to collect litter left after summer. I’m sure we must help our river to survive.
The Khoper is so picturesque that foreign tourists come to Russia to travel along this river. I think one day not only foreign tourists but Russian ones can enjoy travelling along the beautiful Russian river, the Khoper.

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