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Прусова Ирина, ученица 11 «В» класса
МОУ гимназии №1 г. Балашова
Учитель Краснова Елена Геннадьевна

My name is Irina Prusova, I am a student of the 11th grade of Gymnasium №1 in Balashov. I’d like to tell about my home town. Balashov…I don’t think that a lot of people in our country have ever heard this word. But I’m sure that my town is worth being known. Balashov is a small provincial town situated in Saratov region. Balashov was founded in 1789 on the banks of the Khoper. In 1781 the town got its coat of arms. It’s a shield divided into two parts. In the upper part one can see three sterlets meaning plenty of fish in the Volga and Khoper, in the lower part-a golden field with two water-melons which were grown in the area.
The lives of many well-known people are connected with my town. Boris Pasternak visited my town and wrote some poems devoted to it. The characters of the book “Two Captains” by V. Kaverin spent time in Balashov. Three Soviet cosmonauts G. Sarafanov, V. Zudov, V. Kovalenok studied in Balashov Air Force Military School. In the 70’s Young Cosmonauts School was organized and a lot of schoolchildren have attended it since then. Many of them became professional pilots.
Nowadays Balashov can be called the town of students because there are a lot of institutions of higher education: Pedagogical Institute, The Branch of Saratov Agricultural Academy, The Branch of Saratov Social University. Besides there are some colleges and vocational schools here. Sport is very popular in Balashov. Our school of sambo is known not only in Russia but abroad too. Many athletes from Balashov won medals at Russian and European championships. Ekaterina Keib, an absolute champion of European sumo championship lives in our town. So, I think that you understand now why I love my town, and why my home town is worth being known.

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