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A small town of great Russia!

Бабушкин Павел Сергеевич, 10 класс
Фёдоров Игорь Игоревич, 11 класс
Горбунова Нина Владимировна, учитель английского языка
НОУ школа-интернат №9 ОАО «РЖД» Самарская область, г.о. Кинель

Kinel is a provincial town in Samara region. Kinel is one of the small Russian towns of regional importance. It is located 40 kilometers to the east of Samara. A good geographical and transport situation of Kinel promotes its development: it has communication with all regions by means of the road, railway, air and water.
The territory of the town is 60sq.kms. 53.100 people live in Kinel. There are good roads, wide streets, well-kept houses, numerous gardens and small parks in our town. There are lyceums, schools, kindergartens and establishments of additional education, Agricultural Academy in Kinel. In Kinel there is a high of multinational culture. There is a Puppet Theatre, a circus studio, a jazz band and a brass band. The main holiday in Kinel is the City Day which is traditionally celebrated on the Railway worker’s Day. To work at one of the nine railway enterprises in Kinel is still honorable and fourteenth citizen of the town is a railway worker.
Every year on May 9, Victory Day, a lot of people come to the town central square to take part in a traditional meeting devoted to a great holiday. All citizens come to the Victory park and put flowers to the Memorial of Glory.
Ecologically Kinel is one of the cleanest towns in Samara region. You can see swan lakes and beautiful rivers, green meadows and coniferous woods here. Kinel is a town where good people live, they work for good of their families and their town and want children to live long and happily in their native town-Kinel.

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