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Samara, the legend of the town

Целикова Татьяна Павловна
Самарский Международный Аэрокосмический Лицей

Мне 16 лет, я увлекаюсь рисованием, танцами, занимаюсь плаванием. Люблю путешествовать, узнавать что-то новое.

I have been living in Samara during all my life. What can I say about it? The ancient folk legend associates the foundation of Samara with the name of Moscow metropolitan Aleksiy, the heavenly patron of our city. In the year of 1357 on his way to Golden Horde he made a stop on the bank of the Samara river. It was there where Aleksiy forecasted:"In this place there will be the city of Samara,which will shine with piety and the aforesaid town will never be ruined." 229 years have passed and his forecast have become true. The cossacks founded the wooden fortress,which was protect the eastern borders of Russia from nomadic raids on this territory. This place had favourable geografical position,becouse it lied on the crossways of trade routes from East and West along the Volga river,so Volga fed Samara.
Alongside with town evolution, the Volga embankment developed, becoming a wonderful place for rest and relaxation. It stretches for several kilometers and from there there is a marvellous view on the right coast of Volga and the Zhiguli Hills. In summer almost all the inhabitants are here. Everyone does his best: somebody lies on the beach. the others enjoy diving or spend their time in numerous cafes. But in winter this place is lonely. As for me the Volga embankment is my favourite place of spending my free time in summer. I come there in the morning when it it not hot and jog and in the lunch time I get sunburnt and play volleyball with my friends. Not long ago it was reconstructed and I would come there next summer again. Enjoying our selves we must not forget that we should protect our Samara's pearl - the embankment.

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