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The village of Kazan

Хутор Дударевский
Мельникова Елена Александровна
МБОУ «Дударевская СОШ»
Ростовская об, Шолоховский р., х.Дударевский

Originally Kazan village was on the left side of the Don, 7 miles from the present village, in a meadow, flooded spring water, on an island formed by the Don River and the influx of Peskovatka Vargunkoy, which, according to legend, was dug by the Cossacks to defend against enemy attacks. The place is called "Old Town", traces of former settlements in the old town and is now visible. In the middle of the island there are many wells located around and circled trench. Between the wells is a small flat area on which, they say old-timers were the church and cemetery, and now this place is a chapel built in 1871. Tradition adds that, regardless of the trench, dug-outs all around the whole island was fortified by another double fence in the middle of which was filled with earth. In addition, the shallow Peskovatka Vargunki were flooded and harrows of iron with sharp teeth, that the enemy could not cross on horseback. Across the river was arranged Vargunku bridge, near which was a gun. Over the next hours the appearance of the enemy, which were: the first on the left side of the river Don, on the mound Zacklin, and the other on his right hand on the mound big haystack. When the town was filled hollow with water, then the people came out on the right bank of the river Vargunki sublime and built a base for cattle, thus lodged near the hamlet called these basic Bazkovskim.
In the ravine near the Don are a lot of steel copper okonechnikov arrows. They look like a spear or a dagger, there are coins with the name of Peter the Great.

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