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A Parnaya village

Klevakina Yulia
My name is Klevakina Yulia. I am 16. I am a pupil of the 10th form.

I am good pupil. My favorite subjects are History, English, Literature, Biology and Chemistry. I take part in school and district Olympiads in Literature, English, Russians and History. I want get profession of interpreter that’s why I must have knowledge in these subjects. I’m fond of sport and take part in different competitions (school) I have got many friends, they consider that I’m merry, friendly, honest, sociable, understanding, loving different adventure and simply a good girl and a good friend.
I live in a small, but beautiful village, named Parnaya. I’ll tell you about it in my essay.

Parnaya is a small village in Sharipovo district in Krasnoyarsk territory in Siberia. It is a quiet village surrounded by fields and woods. The countryside around the village is green, with fertile fields and rich vegetation.
Our village is situated on the bank of the lake Bolshoe. It is one of the biggest lakes in Krasnoyarsk territory. It’s lovely for swimming. The fishing is said to be excellent, too. Not long ago there were competitions in fishing on our lake. The best fisherman had got ten kilogrammes of fishes. In summer our village and our lake are visited by hundreds of tourists from Krasnoyarsk territory, Khakasia and other regions. And our village becomes crowded.
Our lake has a long history. In the 17th century the banks of the Bolshoe were inhabited by the Khakas people. On the bank of our lake there was the headquarters of princes of Altisar ulus. Then in the 17th century lake Bozhye in Tatar language it means Tengerikul. The lake is mentioned by the first historian of Siberia Gerard Friedrich Miller. Ancient tribes lived on the lake worshiped the lake and believed that it was sacred. On peninsula Strelka the scientists founded ancient sanctuary. The Khakas people called the lake Uluggol – the Bolshoe. This name was established during the years of Soviet power, when at the maps of our region appeared the word Bolshoe.
It‘s area is 32, 3 square killometres . The height above the level of sea is 405, 8 metres. It stretches at twelve killometres. Unique pearl of the lake is peninsula Strelka. It seems like a fairy-tale whale on the back of which there are many trees. In summer the banks of the lake are covered with tents and sometimes you can see even a sail.
I like my village very much! Welcome to our village and Lake Bozhye!

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