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Taganrog, “ Chekhov `s little house” Museum

Спиридонова Анна
9 класс MOБУ Лицей №7
Учитель: Фролова Ирина Леонидовна

Hello! My name is Anna. I was born in Taganrog and I live here now. I study in the 9th form. I enjoy photography, drawing and fashion. But the history of my town is very interesting for me too.
A lot of famous people lived In Taganrog, but Anton Chekhov is the best known in the world. This great Russian writer spent his childhood and youth here. There are many different memorial places in my town and I’ll tell you about ”Chekhov’s little house”. Anton Chekhov was born on January 29 1860 in a small white house in the centre of Taganrog and he spent the first year of his life here. The atmosphere and life of poor Southern Russian merchant family, the history of birth and childhood of the great writer the exposition of the museum “Chekhov`s little house” reveals the atmosphere and life of a poor Southern Russian merchant family, the history of birth and childhood of the great writer. It is situated in Chekhov Street, 69.
In 1914 (it was the 10th anniversary of death of A. Chekhov) a memorial plaque was established in front of the house, in 1916 the house was bought from the owner by the town. Since 1926 the building is a museum of the writer.
In the Chekhov`s small cozy dining room candles were lit and the whole family met to read their favorite book – “Lives of the Saints”. In the modestly furnished nursery the older children, Alexander and Nicholas grew up. The kindest nurse Agasha, who was a perfect narrator, took care of them.
I like walking in the museum yard on a warm spring day and I hope you`ll like this place too.

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