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Taganrog, “ The Chekhov `s shop” Museum

Чёрная Мария
9 класс MOБУ Лицей №7
Учитель: Фролова Ирина Леонидовна.

Hello! My name is Anna. I was born in Taganrog and I live here now. I study in the 9th form. I enjoy photography, drawing and fashion. But the history of my town is very interesting for me too.
My name is Maria . I live in a beautiful old town Taganrog. Many great people lived and worked in my native town. There are many historical places in it , but now I'd like to tell you about one of such places. It is the " The Chekhov's Shop".
The memorial Museum "Chekhov's Shop" is the house built in the 40-ies of the 19th century, Alexandrovskaya street, 100. Moving here was connected with the commercial interests of Chekvov’s father, Pavel Egorovich. Chekov’s younger brother Michael recalled: "...we lived in the Moiseev’s house at the corner of the Monastery street and the Yarmorochnaya by-street, almost at the edge of the town. We occupied a big two-storey house with a yard. Downstairs our father’s shop was placed. A kitchen, a dining room and two more rooms were downstairs too...". Above the entrance of the store was a plaque "Tea, sugar, coffee and other colonial goods”. A small living room was upstairs.
The museum shows the interiors of P.E. Chekhov’s shop and the living room of the family. There are the original works of the writer’s brother Nikolay - a gifted artist, as well as photographs and documents of the family in this museum.
After visiting the museum " The Chekhov's Shop" you not only get acquainted with a lifestyle of the family, but also feel the atmosphere and the spirit of the time in the merchant town of the middle of the XIX century. Welcome to Taganrog!

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