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Хабибуллин Ирек, 8В класс
Учитель: Надиманова Айгуль Мизхатовна
Муниципальное бюджетное образовательное учреждение
«Гимназия №1 им. Ризы Фахретдина»
г. Альметьевска Республики Татарстан

The history of my native city began three centuries ago, when mullah Almuhamed (Almet), a descendant of Bulgarian rulers, founded a small settlement on the Zay-river bank.
In 1900 the population of the village was five hundred and ten habitants. People ploughed and stockbreeded for life. A new stage of development began with finding of oil deposits in the place called Romashkino.. That place attracted a lot of people from different corners of the country. Near the Almetyevo village an industrial town was built. In 1953 the settlement got the town status. Now Almetyevsk is an oil capital of Tatarstan and the city with more than 140 thousand populayion. The oil industry of Almetyevsk district does not improve only its economy; it supports the economy of the whole republic. This strong industrial center can be proud of workers with their clever fingers. Hospitable citizens are ready to help each other and visitors. The city’s government takes care about habitants and creates good conditions for living in our city. Lots of places to get education and have a rest are designed.
Almetyevsk is famous for its talented writers, drawers and musicians such as Klara Bulatova, Sagida Suleimanova, Gamil Afzal, Zinnur Safiullin, Robert Andreev.
I am proud of my city.

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