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The Village Chishmy, Bashkortostan

Сафиуллина Нина Поликарповна
МБОУ СОШ №2 cело Чишмы
Учитель английского языка

Our village Chishmy is situated in 57 km from Ufa, the capital of Bashkortostan.Chishmy has a long and wonderful history. The first picture shows the famous spring with clear and tasty water which gave the name to our village which was founded in the middle of the XVII century. Also round the settlement beat many pure and severe cold springs. They give coolness in hot days and forces to the tired people. The word «сhishmy» comes from the turkish language and means “spring”.
The second picture shows the masouleum of Husein –bek. It is actually a tomb that contains the body of Husein-bek-the first imam of the Bashkir people and their spiritual leader. The Great Tamerlan visited his tomb and ordered to construct a mausoleum over it. It is square in shape with a spherical top and made from limestone. You can almost feel yourself transported back to medieval times here. The third picture shows the monument which is called “The Minute of Silence” This is a mournful figure of a soldier who is standing on his knee This statue is in memory of people who died in the Great Patriotic war. At Victory Day our villagers come to this sacred place to remember and honour the name of every defender of the Soviet motherland.
Also I want to say a few words about our villagers that are very friendly and helpful. They are ready to offer mutial help in any case and always get on with one another nicely. Our villagers are ordinary and hard-working who feel attached to their native land.

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