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Savelyeva Valentina Leonidovna
Secondary school №131
Born in Bashkortostan on 11th March,1957.
Education: Bashkir State Pedagogical Institute, 1979.

I have been working as a teacher of English since 1979. I’m married, have two children. My hobby is gardening and reading.

Bashkortostan is famous for its caves but no one can compare with the Shulgantash. The Shulgantash or the Kapov cave is a unique natural phenomenon, which is situated in the Bashkir State Reserve. Ancient people used to search for shelter within the cave, build fires there and make drawings on the walls of the cave.
Its exploration has been carried on for about 250 years. Interest in the cave was stirred in 1959 when the zoologist A.V. Ryumin discovered Stone Age drawings on its walls The cave system is complicated and stunningly vast. This gigantic gateway leading into the depth of the mountain is called the Portal. Inside the Portal there is Blue Lake from which the River Shulgan emerges after its long underground travels. The lake has no bottom, it is connected to tremendous underground cavities filled with water. To the north of the Portal there is a succession of large halls: the Main Gallery, the Stalagmite and Dome halls, the Hall of the Signs and the Hall of the Chaos.
From the Stalagmite hall one can ascend to the upper tier halls of the Shulgantash: the First Gallery, the Anteroom, the Hall of the Drawings. It is the most interesting spot in the cave. The biggest and richest composition of all the pictures is on its eastern wall: a horse in the middle, some mammoths around it, a hairy rhinoceros and abstract geometric figures. On the western wall there is a bison and a mammoth family. The animals look alive and dynamic.
One can hardly imagine people's life without culture. The people of Bashkortostan have always been very close to nature, so, the Kapov cave is its great and everlasting monument. Shulgantash is a monument belonging to the world at large. Welcome to the Kapov cave and you will get an unforgettable experience.

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