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The pride in our city - Irik Zaripov

Хусаинова Лилиана Сулпановна
ученица 10Б класса МАОУ«СОШ№32»
г.Стерлитамак Республики Башкортостан.
Руководитель: Газизова Шамсия Мухаметдиновна

We are all, of course, born somewhere – the place we call our «home», «homeland», «motherland», «fatherland» or «native country». My homeland is Bashkortostan. I like my homeland very much and I wouldn’t like to live in any other country. As the saying goes: «East, West, home’s best».
In our city we have a person whose name people know not only in Sterlitamak, but also in Russia and abroad. I’ll tell you about Irik Zaripov, he is a great sportsman and a fourfold paraolympic champion of the world. We are all proud of him, because he is a real hero. For many people, he is the right example of a man who didn’t surrender and fought for his happiness passing through many difficult situations. Irik Zaripov was only 17 years old when the car crashed and he has lost both legs and found himself in an invalid chair. According to his words, it was endless black period of his life. But his close relatives didn’t leave him alone. They lent him a helping hand. Just the words pronounced by them helped him change his life. «Look at yourself! Whom do you look like? » His mother found the trainer Rustam Basirov who suggested Irik Zaripov to try himself in the sphere of sport. Irik studied a special literature about that kind of sport, he trained very much and achieved great results: he won four gold medals in Vankuver, he brought unbelievable victory for Bashkortostan and Russia.
Nowadays Irik Zaripov isn’t only an excellent sportsman, but also he is a deputy and is busy with problems of our citizens who live in Sterlitamak. Finally, I should say that I am very grateful for strong will, patience and good manner of this great and famous personality. We respect, love and greatly proud of you our country-man Irik Zaripov!

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