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Valdai Bells

Шилова Ольга
Ученица 9 «В» класса
Г. Валдай МАОУСОШ №2
Учитель: Гашкова Наталья Александровна

Valdai! For many, many years
Your Glory spreads like ringing bells,
That Valda- the- Smith made for the fares-
They rise again from lovely legend tales.
The bell- “the Valdai gift” rang very clear
So many times for Pushkin on the old highway;
And nowadays it sounds so near
It’s music flows over the pure lake both night and day.
Let’s hope all the churches’ll be restored,
We’ll overcome the complications
And our bells, blessed by the God,
Will ring for further generations.

This is a poem by my Ehglish teacher Natalya Aleksandrovna Gashkova. It remiuds us one of the beatifel legends about our famous Valdai bells. Craftsmen of Valdai were famous all over Russia, they made big and small bells. A legend says: when the veche bells, a symbol of independence of Novgorod the Great, was being carted to Moscow, on Valdai steeps it rolled down from the cart and was broken into a plenty of tiny bells. Some bells with an inscription and date «Made by Philip Tersky in Valdai. 1802» are still preserved.valdai bells were delivered to many Russian cities and also abroad, were awarded with decorations of All- Russia and international exhibitions. So we are proud of the Museum of Bells – the only museum of the bing Russia!

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