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Arzamas district

Безбородова Елена Викторовна
МБОУ Новоселковская СОШ
Арзамасского района Нижегородской области
Учитель английского языка
I квалификационной категории

Our native land is a place where we were born. This fact may be a good reason to love and respect our home. But if we talk about Arzamas district we have to admit that it’s not the only reason to admire it.
Arzamas land is rich in different sights. One of them is the Voskresensky Cathedral that is situated on Cathedral Square. It was built in honour of the victory over Napoleon in 1812. It is great and magnificent. Arzamas is famous for its churches in general. There are about 10 small and big ones. Arzamas land values all that are connected with soul. That’s why it pays attention to church revival and that’s why it respects people’s memory. One of the symbols of such respect is a monument that is placed near the railway station Arzamas-I. It is devoted to all who died in a terrible tragedy that happened on 4 June, 1988. The monument was made from the remains of the train that was exploded there. Since the memorial was built every year people come there on 4 June to commemorate the dead.
People of Arzamas district are as special as their native land. It has brought up many interesting people such as A. Stupin, V. Vahterov, Russian patriarch Sergiy (Stragorodsky), A. Gaidar, talented local poets A. Plotnikov and F. Donskov and many others. It was visited by A. Pushkin and M. Gorky. Nowadays Arzamas has about 130 memorials which remind us about people whose names are connected with our native land.
But not only people and their achievements glorify Arzamas. It has very beautiful nature. Wide colourful fields, green forests and deep lakes decorate Arzamas land. One of its most picturesque corners is Pustinsky Preserve. It is interesting by its landscapes, lakes, flora and fauna that are unique.
All in all Arzamas district is a wonderful land! And it is a great place to live in!

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