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An Outsiders View on Norilsk

Морозова Нонна Николаевна
Учитель английского языка,
педагогический стаж 27 лет,
руководитель кафедры иностранных языков
МБОУ «Гимназия №1» г.Норильска
Stop any person on a UK street and ask them if they've heard of Norilsk-the answer will be negative.
My first encounter with the name Norilsk happened after I started to correspond with a person from that city. I was amazed to discover that life goes on when it's below -40c.This would be quite a surprise for the average UK citizen as the mere hint of snow within the South Eastern region of the UK everything comes to a standstill. Imagine, schools are closed and the trains are delayed. It's very common for train companies to delay or even stop a service because of the "wrong type of snow" on the tracks. Life in Norilsk must be so different. How on earth does one survive at temperatures below -40c? I discovered that even whilst living in sub-zero temperatures for most of the year a person from Norilsk can be just as jolly and happy, pretty much the same as any person living in my country. I decided to look into Norilsk in more detail. I got the shock. I was horrified to discover that it was one of the most polluted places on the planet. Putting things into the back of my mind, I thought that maybe the report from the BBC was over dramatising everything? On further investigation I discovered more evidence regarding the pollution in the Norilsk region.
I've met quite a few Russians so far. The people I've met are genuine, loyal and helpful. I ask myself "Why should the people's lives that live in Norilsk be jeopardised for for the sake of industry?" I realise that the folk that dwell in Norilsk are supporting the nickel industry but for what cost? In my opinion, Norilsk Nickel should be forced to stop production until it finds a way to protect the environment, to protect the people from Norilsk, they deserve a healthy life and future.
Mr. G Fox

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