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Татьяна Непомнящая
ученица 9 класса
МБОУ СОШ №1 им. И.П. Кытманова
г. Енисейска Красноярского края
Учитель английского языка –
Тюкало Ольга Валерьевна

I am Tatyana. I am a student of the 9th form. I study at school number 1 in town Yeniseisk. I want to tell you about my town. I was born in Yeniseisk. All my live I am a resident of this town.
Yeniseisk is one of the oldest Siberian cities. It was founded in 1619. Our town is situated on the bank of the great Siberian River. Yenisei district has the areas of fertile, rich animal, fish, and iron in the heart of the most important waterways. Yeniseisk is monument of architecture and culture. Unfortunately to tell most of old buildings are not good condition. In addition, the tourists, who have visited Yeniseisk, they share the best impressions from communication with local residents. The advantage of our town is compactness. Most of old buildings, churches and temples are located in the centre of town. Our town is attractive for tourists because it is very cosy, nice. A lot of wooden houses are decorated of wooden laces. You can visit a large fair and folk festival in Yeniseisk.
The Yeniseisk fair is a meeting place of agricultural manufacturers and representatives of small- scale business of various territories of edge, masters and handicraftsmen, and also talented creative collectives from Yeniseisk, Krasnoyarsk, Lesosibirsk, Beryozovka, Big Murta, Sharypovo. Local residents and city visitors could take part in national celebrations, visit rural and national farmsteads, exhibitions and master classes of "the Craft large village». The presentation of the new folk-entertaining program "Svadebnik" - reproduction of present northern wedding in corresponding suits, with relying introductions and songs became a fair highlight. In wide assortment agricultural production, fish, honey, and also products of masters has been presented: high fur boots, butts, tubs and many other things. By estimations of experts fair has visited about 12 thousand persons. We love our town and we hope that everyone can visit our town.

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