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Вылегжанина Евгения Александровна,
ГОУ «Областная кадетская школа-интернат полиции»
г. Кемерово,
учитель английского языка высшей квалификационной категории

We live in the Kemerovo region which is also called Kuzbass (the Kuznetsk coal mining basin). It was founded in 1943. It is located in western Siberia and covers an area of 95,500 square kilometers. The population is 2,763,135 people. The capital of Kuzbass is Kemerovo. The Kemerovo region can be strictly divided into two parts, hills and plains, which together are called the Kuznetsk Basin. Kuzbass is famous for its unique nature: fertile lands, forests, rivers and lakes, animals, birds and fish. The pride of our region is the Siberian Tayga and the Siberian cedar. Cedar nuts are very useful for health. There are many rivers and lakes in the region, the river Tom is the main waterway. The climate in Kuzbass is continental: winter frosts are severe, summers are warm, but short.
The Kemerovo region is rich in natural and mineral resources. The main wealth of Kuzbass is coal. It is coal that determines the structure of the industry of the Kemerovo region. Nowadays Kuzbass is a powerful industrial complex in Russia. Our region is becoming an attractive place for tourists who like mountain skiing. Tourist infrastructure is being developed in several parts of the region, especially in southern part which is called Mountainous Shoria.
Kuzbass is multinational region. People are open-hearted, hospitable, and generous. Welcome to Kuzbass!

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