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The palace of Butin in Nerchinsk

Mkhitaryan Monika,
a 7 form pupil of Chita school № 12,
Zabaikalsky krai
the teacher of English – Mikhailova Larisa Yur’evna

The palace of Butin is a house-museum of a famous tradesman Butin M. D. People call this museum a Versailles of Nerchinsk. This museum is one of the richest storehouses in the history of Transbaikal. There are more than 30000 exhibits in this palace and there are more than 6000 books including 300 books from the home library of the Butins' family. You can see the biggest Venetian mirrors in this palace. Butin bought these mirrors at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1878 year. The mirrors are in the Hall of Mirrors, where balls and important activities were conducted. And you can see a gilded chandelier in this hall. And a layer of gold on the chandelier has survived till nowadays. This chandelier is very beautiful. There is another well-known exhibit, a stained glass “Archangel Michael, which affects the devil”. This exhibit still looks like new, even though it is very old. And there are many exhibits which tell about life, history and religion of buryats and evenks. There are exhibits, which tell about family and life of Butin. There is a room, where you can see stuffed animals of Transbaikal. It is very interesting! There is a room where you can see the minerals and precious stones of the Transbaikal. This museum is a wonderful place!

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